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Below are a few of the comments parents have made about the Ferndale Bilingual Montessori School. The school has also been featured in an article by the Ferndale Record Journal, which can be viewed here.

Our twins (boy/girl) attended Miss Debbie's Bilingual Montessori Preschool for two years and we just cannot say enough good things about the school, the curriculum and the teachers. We were very hesitant to put the twins in pre-school given my son was very shy, introverted and basically afraid of his own shadow. However, soon into the school year, EVERYONE started noticing a difference in his demeanor and today we credit Miss Debbie and her school with giving my son the confidence, guidance, reassurance and genuine care that has made him into the vibrant, outgoing boy he is today. Both kids have benefited greatly from this pre-school and have LOVED everything it offered. They have learned so much and my daughter still sings and speaks in Spanish. The final testament was seeing that my kids were above the curve and more than ready to make the transition into primary school because of the solid foundation Miss Debbie built for them. Forever grateful.

-Robb and Maria Vezzetti

Our daughter attended Ferndale Bilingual Montessori for three years and also attended the summer program there twice. She had a very positive experience and learned a lot, including many words in Spanish, as well as learning new social skills and good manners. The teacher, "Ms. Debbie", is warm and caring towards the children, which helped our daughter to feel comfortable going there, and she enjoyed it so much that she often asks if she can go back, even though she will be going into first grade in the fall. We were so pleased with her experience that we plan on sending our son to Ferndale Bilingual Montessori next year and we are both very glad to enthusiastically recommend the school, and "Ms. Debbie", to other parents as well.

-Michael and Amy Ford

Our son, Daniel attended Ferndale Bilingual Montessori School for two years. His first year we only signed him up 2 days a week, but regretted it weeks into the school year. So the second year we enrolled him five days a week. He loved going to school and wished he could go everyday, even on weekends. Daniel is very shy but opened up to Miss. Debbie and his classmates right away. We liked how structured it was but also how they let the children express themselves in their own ways. Daniel's favorite thing to do was arts and crafts. He also loved to come home and sing new songs to us or speak Spanish at the dinner table. Miss. Debbie worked with each child on their reading and writing. Daniel really excelled his second year of preschool. We would highly recommend this preschool to anyone. If we are still living in Ferndale when our daughter starts school she will go there too. Thank you so much Miss. Debbie for everything you taught Daniel.

-DJ & Christine Robbins

Having taught for 7 years in the public school system I was extremely particular when trying to choose a preschool for my daughter. When I visited Ferndale Bilingual Montessori I knew that it was going to be a perfect fit for her. Our experience at the school has been nothing but a positive experience not only for us but for our 5 year old daughter. She has not only learned academics that have her better prepared for kindergarten but she has also learned Spanish, interesting facts about the world around us as well as how to communicate properly and how to get along with others. The environment was very nurturing but yet structured at the same time. She always felt comfortable enough to express herself in a non-judgmental way. I couldn't be happier with my daughters first year of school. I can only hope the rest of her education can be as great of an experience as her first year of school at Ferndale Bilingual Montessori school.

-Kendi and Josh Lehman

Three of our four children have attended Ferndale Bilingual Montessori Preschool, and when our fourth child reaches preschool age, we plan to enroll him here as well. Our three older children enjoyed being students here, and each was well prepared socially, academically and behaviorally when they transitioned to their next school. We recommend the school to anyone interested in providing their child a well balanced environment that allows kids to enjoy learning, making friends and have fun.

-Bill & Michelle Baldwin

To parents considering placing their children in Ferndale Montessori's pre-school program, When your child wishes she could go to school on weekends you know she is enjoying her time there. In addition, our child was able to "test out" of kindergarten and will be going straight into 1st grade. While we do take an active role in educating our child this could only be achieved in a well-structured formal educational environment. Another plus is the bi-lingual aspect of the experience. It is becoming more and more apparent that a second language (at least) will be crucial for a child growing up in America. Clearly, knowledge of the Spanish language (and others) opens up opportunities in many aspects of daily life that are simply not available to most. On a lighter note, let us assure you that fun is very much an integral part of the curriculum. Finally, the self-paced learning environment ensures that your child can be free to choose from several activities on a daily basis.
One can easily find a cheaper alternative situation for his child as we did but we can say with no small amount of confidence that the educational level probably will not be the same -we've found others to be not much more than daycare. We would be remiss if we did not mention the wonderful staff at Ferndale Montessori. Finding someone who takes an interest in educating your child at this age should prove invaluable to you as it did with us and we found that in all the staff. In summary, we are extremely satisfied with our child's experience at Ferndale Montessori and are looking forward to placing our second child there in the near future. We strongly recommend that you give Ms. Debbie and her staff serious consideration with an eye toward your child's future.

Kenneth and Winona Medley

This is the first year Elizabeth has attended the Ferndale Bilingual Montessori preschool. We would like to express our appreciation for allowing Elizabeth to attend. It is one of the best choices that we have ever made and hoped we would have known about the school sooner. Although Elizabeth was only there for six months she has learned so many different things. She was taught how to write her name in a short period of time, she also knows how to print the letters of the alphabet. She also learned how to count in English and Spanish as well as the colors. Elizabeth has enjoyed being taught by Miss Debbie immensely. Because of Debbie, she has taken such an interest in learning that will stick with her always. The lessons Elizabeth was given don't lose their impact when she walks out the door one last time. She will remember the teachers that taught her to believe in herself and bring out the confidence she has always had. Thank you once again for being an excellent instructor and for inspiring Elizabeth to continue learning with an open and positive mind.

With deepest thanks,
the Pallares - Juan, Ruth and Elizabeth

We have had both our girls at this school. We walk away truly blessed for the experience. Not only do our girls truly love to learn. But both have gained the skills to thrive in school. The teachers here are so talented at helping to ignite the kids passion to learn and they have come home not only having learned academic skills like reading, writing, but also with a better knowledge of the world at large and the social issue in it. Recently we were asked by our youngest to help her write a letter in protest of the cutting down of the rainforest after learning about it during the annual Multi-cultural learning fair. We would easily recommend this school to anyone who wants to give their child the best foundation for their school years.

-Robert & Sarah Rosenberger

Miss. Debbie,

These past four years, Slater and Vanessa have been going to your school. What a great four years it has been.

When Slater was 2 we decided we had better start thinking about what we should do for preschool, there was no doubt that he would go, it was just a matter of finding the perfect fit. I did a lot of research on different types of preschools and I talked to a lot of people. We talked to friends whose children had gone to Ferndale Bilingual Montessori a few years before, they said it was a great experience and very highly recommended it. We're sure glad they did! Slater started when he was almost 3 years old, I thought he might be a bit young, but I thought he needed something else besides me. The first few months were rather hard on him, he'd never been away from me and it took some adjusting. Once he settled in he loved it! It was amazing to see how much he was growing and turning into such a great kid! When the first school year came to a close, he was sad for it to end and couldn't wait for the next school year to start. By the time Slater had finished 3 years here he was ready to start Kindergarten. Slater knew all of his colors in English and Spanish, his numbers and could count to 20 in Spanish without a problem, his printing was excellent for a 5 year old, recognized all his letters, and knew most of the sounds, he was also beginning to read. He is now finishing up Kindergarten and all year he was ahead in his class, and his teacher always commented on what a great student and role model Slater is. I'm sure that a lot of it had to do with his start at Ferndale Bilingual Montessori.

Vanessa started when she was two and half years old, and she got off to a great start since her big brother was there. Vanessa was really excited to go to school by herself, when her brother started Kindergarten. She really grew up this year. She too is where Slater ended at 3 years here. I think the neatest part is that they are such different children with different learning styles, yet they both end their preschool years extremely well equipped to start Kindergarten. They both have such an interest in learning, that we have decided to homeschool during the summer and they are very excited.

Attending Ferndale Bilingual Montessori has been a great experience for our whole family, our kids have made some great friends, as have we. I recommend this school to anyone who asks, and will continue for many years to come. Thank you so much for providing such an exceptional school for our children.

-Chris & Alisha Whitaker

Michael & Nicholas really enjoyed their time at the Ferndale Bilingual Montessori. Nicholas still talks about the day they had Green eggs & ham and Michael has great memories from his kindergarten graduation. It was a great learning experience for them.

-Shannon Holt

I want to express my gratitude to Debbie Barrows as an innovative Montessori teacher. My daughter Madelyn has benefited over and over from the excellent foundation Mrs. Debbie has given her. Debbie's teaching style not only instilled confidence in Madelyn, but awoke a desire to learn and excel in her studies. Madelyn was taught at four years old to start to read and write, along with beginning Spanish. Subsequently Madelyn was placed a year ahead in school, She is an honor student and currently taking high school Spanish in the eighth grade, receiving an A+ last quarter. When Madelyn Graduated from Miss Debbie's class she took with her so many positive learning tools for her future success. Madelyn's goals are to reach for the stars, and she is achieving this with confidence, excellent grades and a plan for the future. I can't express enough what a wonderful foundation this has given Madelyn and I recommend on so many levels Debbie's teaching style with children. Thank you.

-Julie Littleton

My children are now 16 and 12 years old and still look back with fond memories of the Ferndale Montessori School. Miss Debbie and the Montessori school was such a wonderful part of both my children's lives. The head start and guidance they received was such an added value in their education process; we were truly blessed to have found such a warm and caring environment for our children's preschool experience.

-Becky Andrews

Our daughter attended the Montessori for three years. Two years of preschool and one year of kindergarten on the public off-days. The structure provided in Montessori is exactly what our daughter needed to excel and it is now paying off as she goes through public elementary school. First, second, and now third grade, she is at the top of her class. We really do not have to push her, she is just doing awesome! Why? Because she 'learned how to learn' with structure at the Montessori."

-Dave Bren

My daughter attended the Ferndale Bilingual Montessori for three years including kindergarten and it was the best choice that I could have made for my daughter. One of the reasons why I chose the Ferndale Bilingual Montessori was that Spanish was being taught. Due to learning a foreign language at an early age my daughter is now excelling in her high school Spanish class as well as all her high school classes. I give a lot of credit to the Ferndale Bilingual Montessori to my daughter's organization skills and completing one project before starting another. My daughter enjoyed attending the Ferndale Bilingual Montessori as she had fun while learning. I would highly recommend the Ferndale Bilingual Montessori to jump start your child's education.

-Elaine Dorman

This is our first year at Ferndale Bilingual Montessori School. We have two children, Isa and Jackson, who attend, and both are doing well, but it's Jackson's success that we are so amazed and gladdened at and for which we are so grateful to this wonderful school and its fabulous instructors, Ms. Debbie and Senora Marta. Jackson is a very lovable, big-hearted, quick-witted delightful little boy (a mother's bias aside. Wink wink.). He is also boisterous and excitable and darn right loud. Since early on, he often had a difficult time settling down from a high energy activity, a good joke, or one of his never-ending internally generated storybooks. We tried two different preschool settings when he was three and four, but although the schools have wonderful reputations and - I am sure­ very dedicated and caring teachers, Jack just didn't thrive. I distinctly remember receiving his first "report card" and reading that my child who I knew to have an off-the­-charts vocabulary, who new all his letters and numbers, colors and shapes was said to have "poor ability to communicate" and needed to "learn basic colors, shapes" and was "often self isolated". Who was that child? I wondered. So with those experiences behind us, we frankly dreaded what kindergarten would bring. We felt so much was riding on Jackson's (or any child's) first experience of school and we wanted him to be in a place that could recognize his many strengths and help him build upon those. We hated the idea that he could possibly end up in a setting where his light was dimmed. We love how he shines. Choosing Ferndale Bilingual Montessori School for Jackson's kindergarten experience ended up being exactly the right choice - even better than the wildest dreams we allowed ourselves. Ms. Debbie and Senora Marta see Jackson the way we, his parents, see him. They know he's loud and are sometimes surprised (along with his classmates) at his occasional bursts of pretend cannon fire or other spontaneous eruptions of sound effects he utters, but they accept it with gentle reminders of classroom rules; they accept him. We feared Jackson would be bored at school- he is never without something interesting to do. We feared he would be too disruptive - he follows rules well and fits in fine. We were afraid that after a while he would complain about attending - Jackson looks forward eagerly each morning to going to school; not once has he come close to offering complaint. It has been the perfect fit. I am actually emotional just writing this. There was so much anxiety, and now so much relief. We are very appreciative of the Ferndale Bilingual Montessori School. This experience has been a gift. And if it's true that a child's first taste of school can dictate how successful (s)he will be in the future, Jackson will do just fine. His light is shining brightly.

-Sarah Fanucci and Troy Dishon

All 3 of our children attended Debbie's Ferndale Bilingual Montessori preschool. Upon completion of the program, all 3 kids were able to read with great proficiency, add and subtract in the thousands, not only learn basic facts necessary for future educational success but also such information as continents, money, as well as introduction to a secondary language ­Spanish. All these skills have benefited my children as all have been accepted to the Aiming High Program through the Ferndale School District. This is a specialized program with advanced curriculum which only the top 1% of students in the district are accepted through specialized testing. I attribute a huge part of their success to Debbie's Montessori program. Her program provided my children with the best educational foundation necessary for success. As parents, we really appreciated Debbie's strict behavioral guidelines as it taught our children appropriate interactive behavior to ensure success in other social settings. We would also like to add that our children loved her program. She obviously made it fun as well as stimulating enough to keep making them come back for more. Thanks Debbie for helping provide our children with the educational foundation they needed to ensure success.

-The Mielke's - Mark, Bhona, Cam, Josh & Paris

We entered our children in a preschool program so that they would learn to have good social skills and get used to being around other kids. Thanks to Ferndale Bilingual Montessori Preschool, our kids have learned the countries of the world, Spanish colors, numbers, words and songs. They can count, do some basic addition as well as print the letters of the alphabet. Our kids have learned to enjoy school and look forward to going everyday.
Our little guy has even started reading sight words and is very proud that he is one of the "readers" in the class. Not only have they taught our kids the necessary social skills such as how to be respectful and interact with others, they have also taught them that it is important to pay attention in class, to raise their hand when they have a question and that it is rude to interrupt others.

-Jim & Jon'ese Pearson (Parents of James and Emma)

Our son Hayden attended the Ferndale Bilingual Montessori and preschool for three years. We were pleased with the curriculum and structured, yet fun learning environment. Our son looked forward to going to school each morning. He always knew what to expect and what was expected of him. While attending the Montessori school he learned how to read and also learned math skills that are more advanced than what they are now learning in his first grade class. Hayden's experience at the Ferndale Montessori school made his transition into primary school a smooth one. He has a positive attitude towards school. With the foundation set at the Ferndale Montessori Preschool, he feels confident in both his academic and social skills and continues to enjoy learning and adds to his skills with ease.

-Rod and Holly Dohner

Hi, I'm a mother of four girls, two now in Middle school and two in Cascadia. Three of my four children were able to attend Debbies Ferndale Bilingual Montessori Program. It would have been all four if we were living in this area when my eldest was pre school age. I feel Debbies Montessori School has definitely set my children up for Kindergarten. The five day option has been a great way to prepare them for full time kindergarten, the scholastics has definitely given them a head start in learning. My 5 yr old daughter would come home and get out a book to read. She would start sounding out the words and read to me! As much as I would like to take all the credit for it, I would have to pass that on to the Montessori. I think Montessori has given my girls that extra confidence and been that stepping stone for their future education. It is a happy, safe environment where the children can explore their interests and associate excitement and fun with learning.

-Jeff & Lorrine Headrick

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