Ferndale Bilingual Montessori Preschool and Kindergarten

We are very appreciative of the Ferndale Bilingual Montessori Preschool. This experience has been a gift!"
-Sarah Fanucci and Troy Dishon (Parents)

We are the original Montessori preschool serving north Whatcom county. We have been working with families to provide a safe, productive and fun learning environment since 1995.

We are also proud to be the 1st and only bilingual Montessori preschool in Washington state. 

Mission Statement

     As professionals, we are commited to the complete development of the child's character emotionally, intellectually, physically, socially and morally. Within a stable and caring Montessori environment, our responsibility is to nurture, guide, educate, and prepare the child to become a happy, independent, contributing member of our society. We are equally dedicated to developing and maintaining a mutually respectful partnership with parents/guardians, families and caregivers in the best interest of the child.

     As childcare professionals, we strongly believe that we make a valuable and unique contribution to the overall growth of the child through our continued and dedicated commitment to personal and professional development.

The 5 Basic Principles of the Montessori Method

1. To awaken the child's spirit and imagination
2. To encourage their normal desire for independence and high sense of self-esteem
3. To help them develop the kindness, courtesy, and self-discipline that will allow them to become a full member of society
4. To help children learn how to observe, question, and explore ideas independently
5. Having created a spirit of joyful learning, to help the child to master the skills and knowledge of their society.


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